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Western Australia

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State Links and Contacts – Western Australia [ W.A. ]. Medical services, Essential state services, important links for Men & Family well-being.

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National Advice Hotline – 1800020080

Western Australia –  0893211312

WA Perth ServicesGeneral Medical

WA Health Services – Rural & Remote

Health advice ( 13 HEALTH ) –  13432584

Mental health support –  1800614434

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Legal-Aid – Providing legal assistance for Western Australians

Infoline 1300650579

Crisis Services – Dept of Fire & emergency Services

Parentline – Ngala Parenting line


This book [ PDF image link above ] presents services available to Aboriginal men in the south west of WA from Geraldton to Esperance.The area does not follow the traditional boundaries of Noongar country. We acknowledge the Noongar people, past and present, traditional owners of much of this land. We also acknowledge the Yamatji people in the northern part of this service region. We acknowledge that there are many men from other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures living in this country also. We invite all men to support each other in health and healing, and to encourage discussion about the critical importance of Aboriginal men’s health and well-being to all cultures…


Over the years the DadsWA Program, has provided a variety of services for dads; antenatal sessions for expectant dads at King Edward Memorial Hospital and Joondalup Health Campus, and Osborne Park Hospital, workshops for dads, playgroups for dads, and phone and email consultations for dads and mothers. All services are provided outside of regular working hours to be more accessible for fathers. DadsWA also has regular conversations about the role of fathers with the mothers who attend Ngala’s Programs. All these programs emphasise the importance of father involvement and the benefits this brings for child development.

To find out more about DadsWA contact dadswa@ngala.com.au, call  0893689368 or download the DadsWA flyer.


Men don’t like sitting around all day waiting for pearls of wisdom. We don’t work that way. Our programs are action based where you get to become realistically involved with the issue that you are looking at. No spotlight, just a way for moving with the problem in an experiential way. This has the added value of having more than just your head reach conclusions, your body and heart get to have a say also. Mostly this approach is more engaging and a proven way to help create change. You wont ever be bored doing this work. Humour and sharing is a big part of it also, be prepared for some really out there stuff, movement, companionship, good food, outdoor work and deep realisations.

Men in Bali program:

Since 2001 the Men in Bali programs have provided an outstanding opportunity for men to explore their potential in a unique tropical setting. Over 100 men have participated in the past 28 programs. Limited to just 8 men per program, only in Bali can we give you the luxury of 6 days devoted just to you… Keep an eye out for our next scheduled trip.


General MENS-WORK Contact: 

Email: contact@mensworkproject.org

Phone: Wes Carter 0893378434

Western Australia

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