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“Perhaps if tearful little boys were comforted instead of shamed then there might not be so many angry men struggling to express and empathize with emotions” (unknown).


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There are a myriad of Websites that support Men’s Health in Australia… including the one your on now – Men’s Health Australia.INFO but also consider this site of primary content… Men’s Health Australia.NET [ click image link ].

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[ International Men’s Day .COM ]

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Hosted by DAD’S4KIDS ( Fatherhood Foundation )


The first Australian International Men’s Day consisted of a single celebration in 1994. The rally took place in Sydney and commenced with a gathering at Circular Quay followed by a march through the city streets to Observatory Hill where participants were addressed by a number of speakers. These included Paul Whyte from the Sydney Men’s Network, followed by Alan Tegg from the Men’s Development Centre in Balmain. Jenny Dall, editor of the Scarlet Letter concluded the proceedings. The event was co-ordinated by Graham North who had heard about a similar event in Kansas City the previous year. While the numbers were small by rally standards (about 50 attended), it was a start. For further reading you can access Australia’s launch here…


[ International Men’s Day .INFO ]

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Hosted by AMHF (Australian Men’s Health Forum)


 – Fathers Day Australia:

Ongoing “Signature feature”: special tribute Screening for all Fathers

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Helping support Australia’s rural communities and Aussie farmers.
Providing tangible resources to drought affected communities.

Stock feed, Money, & Volunteers…

NSW drought assistance…

Queensland and the rest of Australia…

Buy a Bale…

PO Box 1342
Sunnybank Hills
Ph 1300 327 624

A Rural Aid Initiative
ABN 29 605 783 597
QLD Charity No: CH2765



 – Australian of the year tribute

MHA QLD Australian of the year article header

Since 1996, Detective Inspector Rouse has undertaken the heart-breaking yet vital work of investigating crimes against children. Jon implemented the Australian National Victim Image Library to assist police to identify victims. His dedication and hard work has rescued many children from the most horrendous situations throughout Australia and the world.

Detective Inspector Rouse has 34 years’ service with Queensland Police. In 1996 Jon commenced investigating crimes against children and in 2001 commenced at Task Force Argos where he implemented Australia’s first operation proactively targeting internet child sex offenders.

Jon gained national support for the development of the ANVIL project (Australian National Victim Image Library) to assist police officers to identify the child victims depicted in images seized from sex offenders.

Jon has dedicated significant time to global awareness, delivering training and presentations on online child exploitation investigations to law enforcement officers across Australian and internationally

Currently Sub Group Chair of the INTERPOL Covert Internet Investigators Group and a Director with The Society for the Policing of Cyberspace (POLCYB), Jon is recipient of four Commissioners Certificates for operational leadership, two Excellence awards for Child Protection Prevention, the Queensland Police Medal, the National Service Medal, the Exemplary Conduct medal, the National Police Medal and in May 2018 the ‘Champion for Children Award’ in New York from the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children.

Source: National Australia Day Council


 – Australian Father of the Year

Australian Father of the Year for 2018: BUSINESSMAN Dick Smith has been named Australian Father of the Year. Dick Smith, a Dad of two daughters, both now adults: Hayley and Jenny.

MHA Australian Father of the year article header

“Fathers and father figures play such an important role in the family unit so I am very humbled to be awarded Australian Father of the Year,” Mr Smith said in a statement.

“It does take a village to raise a child so, while I’ve focused on being the most supportive father I can, I know that my wife Philippa is also obviously very deserving at helping me with this role,” he said.

Mr Smith, 74, and his wife have been married for 50 years.

Mr Smith was previously named Australian of the Year in 1986. He sold his iconic business, Dick Smith Electronics, in the 1980s to spend more time with his family. Since then he has set up the Dick Smith Foods Foundation which has donated more than $10 million to various charities. The Business has since been closed after revealing the business would be bankrupt within two years, blaming budget competition.

Source: News Corp Australia


 State Awards for 2018:

YMCA Victoria in association with the Father’s Day Council of Victoria has announced 49-year-old Melbourne man Sandeep “Sunny” Jadhav as the Victorian Father of the Year for 2018.

MHA Victorian Father of the year article header.

Sunny’s story is about a father and father-figure who continues to go above and beyond for thousands of young people, always with a positive attitude. He is passionate and dedicated to mentoring the next generation of Australia’s brightest doctors, surgeons, pilots and engineers.

Nominated by Sunny’s two teenage daughters, 13-year-old Sachi and 16-year-old Khushi, they wrote, “Our dad always says ‘think outside the box and if you cannot think outside the box then you should make the box bigger.’

“Our dad is a real life superhero. He doesn’t wear a cape though because he wears the army uniform.”

Born in Nagpur, India, Sunny immigrated to Australia in 1996 and has lived in Melbourne for over 10 years, prior to this he lived in Sydney. Although he works tirelessly as a Land Maintenance System Electrical Engineer for the Defence Force, his true joy comes from teaching and inspiring others in maths, science and engineering subjects.

For over 15 hours a week, for the past 16 years, Sunny has tutored primary school aged kids, VCE and university students and army officers from all cultures and backgrounds. All of this time and effort is voluntary. Sunny currently has about 200 mentees, all of which have come through word-of-mouth and personal connections.

Sunny’s motivation to help and give back to the community goes beyond his home and workplace. His wife Kiran says it is difficult to go to the local shopping centre in Yallambie without stopping every five minutes because someone wants to ask him something.

This father-figure role Sunny plays does not go unrecognised by his daughters, who wrote in their nomination:

“We love our dad so much because he does so much for the community. We feel proud when we meet his students whom he helped with studies and mentoring.”

Source: YMCA Victoria


A Sunshine Coast father-of-three who founded a safe house for victims of domestic violence has been named 2018 Queensland Father of the Year.

MHA Queensland Father of the year article header.

Darin Browne, 55, from Nambour, is a behavioural optometrist who specialises in kids with learning disabilities. He has three daughters and a granddaughter and has spent the last 25 years as a foster parent of “the unfosterable kids”.

Ten years ago, he and his wife Fiona, were one of the founding couples of Lily House, a safe home for disadvantaged women, teen mums and women and children fleeing domestic violence.

Mr Browne said he grew up with parents who believed in him, who inspired him to give back. “I would hope that my kids would always say about me that I believed in them and I loved them,” he said. His three daughters, Tara, Kira and Kristy, nominated their father for the award.

“He’s always been loving, he’s always supportive, he’s always been there to pick you up when you’ve fallen down, to give you those words of wisdom when you need it, to give you that hug when you’re just feeling like you need a hug,” Tara Browne said.

Kira Proctor described her dad as a “busy guy” with commitments to his business and the church – as well as his family. “He never lets that impact his time and his love for us. When he’s here and he’s with us he’s fully present,” she said. Mr Browne’s advice for other fathers ahead of Father’s Day was to be present. “I want to challenge every Queensland father to step up and love your kids unconditionally,” he said.


The Men’s Health Australia Directory did attempt to locate other “father of the year” awards… to no avail. If you know of any please email us here.

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