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[ Top 20 songs about Fathers/Dad’s ]

By: Sarah Wyland

Country songs about Dad share a common thread. Take a look at Great American Country’s Top 20 country songs that convey a prevailing truth. Becoming a father isn’t necessarily difficult. But being a good dad – well, that is a challenge.

Parenthood is rally not that different for Americans than any other country and songwriters have been scripting songs about Fathers for years… lets run through some of the best songs that deal with “our dads”.
Some of your favourites might be missing, for example, the Mac Davis song “Watching Scotty Grow” or “I Saw God Today” is a better fatherly entry from George Strait than “The Best Day” but that’s what the following list is for, starting the conversation…

20 great songs about Dad’s AND keep scrolling to see the 20 great songs about Mothers as well.


For special annual events surrounding Fathers & Dad’s…


Coronavirus …  Australian Govt & Health Authorities

National advice line (info 24/7):  1800020080

Check out the Healthdirect website


Reported deaths [includes Covid]: 872


The 2020 National Men’s Health Gathering

Venue – The Rydges Hotel, Melbourne

Mon 14th Dec to Wed 16th Dec 2020

[ postponed from May] – follow the link to… Register here

Incorporating the 13th National Men’s Health Conference and the 10th Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Male Health Convention.
Network with new connections and catch up with colleagues at the Awards Dinner with great local food, drink, dancing. The theme for the 2020 National Men’s Health Gathering is

‘Leading the world in Men’s Health’

This Conference will provide an opportunity for educators, academics, professional support staff, families & community to come together to collaborate, share knowledge, network and learn together. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to register and join us in Melbourne in May.

[ Registration restrictions will apply after Tues 26th Oct 2020. ]


The Australian Men’s Health Forum has assigned their 2020 Men’s Health Awards  – click the image link above or follow a rundown from our Reviews page….

In addition to the Awards are the State & Territory Recipients which you can view from the same link above – here is an overview of the Men’s State & Territory Awards…

1/ – New South Wales: The Man Walk.

2/ – Australian Caital Territory: Pip Seldon

3/ – Victoria: The Tough Guy Book Club.

4/ – Tasmania: Mitch McPherson ( Examiner news online)

5/ – Western Australia: Jo Milios.

6/ – South Australia: Anthony Hart.

7/ – Queensland: Mary O’Brien.

8/ – Northern Territory: Sally McDonnell.



“Perhaps if tearful little boys were comforted instead of shamed then there might not be so many angry men struggling to express and empathise with their emotions”  [ unknown].




– 2020 Australian of the year tributes…


Dr James Muecke, South Australian eye surgeon, as the 2020 Australian of the Year, intends to use his platform for advocating measures to tackle preventable blindness caused through diabetes – in addition to campaining for taxing sugar loaded drinks.
Read further about him and others here

[ Source – channel nine news ].


Bernie Shakeshaft has been recognised as Australian of the Year Local Hero for 2020. A Former Northern Territory jackaroo helped more than a thousand of Australia’s most vulnerable kids via his established BackTrack Youth Work Program.

[ Source – Australian of the ].


– 2019 Australian Father of the Year

Our greetings goes to Mark Beretta as the recipient for this years award…

2019 Australian Father of the Year - Mark Beretta

“The Shepherd Centre (a charity for deaf and hearing-impaired children) has named Mark for this years honour. A Dad of two, Ava (15) and Daniel (12), is also an ambassador for several organisations including RAISE Foundation, which assists young people in crisis, the Fight Cancer Foundation, and the Australian Paramedic Support Foundation.

“This is a huge and unexpected honour! Being a dad is a tremendous privilege and I am very grateful for a wife and kids who teach me so much,” he said. “Becoming a dad is a special experience and it does change your life in a very fulfilling way – all my favourite memories involve my family. Watch a short video of Marks family share

[ Source – channel 7 where Mark is a presenter ].


2019 State Awards:

Victorian Father of the Year for 2019.

2019 Victorian Father of the Year - Chris Youngman

Congratulations to Chris Youngman, a 36-year-old dad from the small Victorian town of Drouin, about 100km east of Melbourne. He gave up his job and then his house in order to support his family through the sickness of their son… “We were basically doing split-parenting for quite a bit of the time.” We lived for the moment to eventually have him back home.
Lucas finished his intensive chemotherapy to continue treatment from home. Mr Youngman has also recently been able to return to his regular work with the support of his employer.
The young dad dismissed any notion that his sacrifices were extraordinary.
He was simply carrying on his duty as dad and as a husband.

Read further here.

[ Source – Yahoo news ].


Queensland Father of the Year 2019.

2019 Queensland Father of the Year - Phil Sargeson

Congratulations goes to Phil Sargeson, a Brisbane father of two. Phil, together with his wife Samara run a charity called Cereal for coffee that they started back in 2015 supporting thousands of school children to make sure that each child has breakfast at the start of each school day. Each week they provide more than 1,100 school kids with a healthy breakfast.
Phil was deeply touched when hearing that one in five children arrived at school without breakfast, he has become a hero role-model for his two kids, and along with Samara hero’s in their community.

Watch a short video on Phil’s family and their program.

[ Source – Scriture union Queensland ].


Men’s Health Australia attempted to locate other “father of the year” awards… if you know of any please email us here.

Verse 2
Beneath our radiant Southern Cross
We’ll toil with hearts and hands;
To make this Commonwealth of ours
Renowned of all the lands;
For those who’ve come across the seas
We’ve boundless plains to share;
With courage let us all combine
To Advance Australia Fair.
In joyful strains then let us sing,
Advance Australia Fair.



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