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State Links and Contacts – Tasmania [ TAS ]. Medical services, Emergency services, Men’s links and family well-being.

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National Advice Hotline – 1800020080

Tasmania – Health services

Tasmania Department of Health – 135513

Public Hospitals – website listings

Mental Health Support:  1800614434

IncolinkCounselling services

Inco Phone help:   1300000129

  • Infosearch [ Column – A-Z topics & Doctors Directory ]

Legal-Aid – Facts, information, referrals – website link

Legal advice by phone:  1300366611

Tasmania Emergency contact listwebsite links & numbers

Parenting Centres: Website Contact list.

Operate within the Child Health and Parenting Service
They offer more intensive support for families experiencing difficulties with children 0 to 5 years of age
Parenting centres are a day service
Consultation available with Child and Family Health Nurses
Sessions are provided on an individual or group basis


Men’s Resources – Mr Tasmania.

Welcome to our new website and member system, we hope you like it. There is still a bit of work to go, but if you are seeing this you are getting a sneak peak, early access if you will to our new online home.

We are a community based, volunteer run, not-for-profit organisation that supports and promotes the well-being of men and boys in Tasmania.

We contribute a male voice to community conversations and public sector policy, particularly around social, health and well-being issues relevant to men. We operate primarily through volunteer involvement, with some support from member organisations.



We offers structured learning opportunities for men and those who identify as men of all ages, beliefs, and orientations. Formed in 1999, TasMen is a self-funded organisation run by volunteers wanting to give back to men and those who identify as men in their community.

Stronger Together – utilising a peer-to-peer model of experiential learning, men meet as equals, follow clear guidelines, share from the heart, listen openly and learn courageously. Every man who comes to a TasMen event is treated the same. We are not here to fix you, we are here to accept you for who you are!

We do not operate as counsellors or therapists, we are a community of men deeply skilled, wise and courageous in our efforts to lead a fuller expression of man.


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Mission Statement:

Shining the light on Men’s Health via the Men’s Elective Network with Resource Directories for help & contentment in life.