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The Good Project

The Australian Federal Government has a new school resource called “The Good Society” which has been produced for children in all Australian schools… The following is an example of what Schools can expect – terms such as sex and gender are sometimes interchangeable, A person’s sex – male or female or intersex – is determined at birth and describes their biological and physiological characteristics like chromosomes and genitals.
A person’s gender is their sense of themselves in relation to their gender identity and can be the same as their sex assigned at birth, or it can differ. Some in the community are pro-porting that this is a “restyled” form of what “Safe Schools” was teaching before it was axed by the Turnbull Government and correspondingly also by the New South Wales Government, contrary to the NSW Education Minister Sarah Mitchell stating that “Safe Schools” had been abolished.

Further arguments that surround the concept that “a persons gender is “assigned at birth”… conspired by midwives, doctors and parents in order to establish that a babies “new” gender is forthwith… without including other human body aspects like biology, anatomy, DNA and bone structure as a prerequisite, well before birth. None the less this has not deterred what some are calling as the “gender whisperers” from influencing the overall position as to what is referred to as a “transcendental philosophy” – to a child’s mind, they can “tell themselves” they are something even if its in contradiction to their biological makeup.

A major factor of concern with the Federal Governments “the good society” is that this philosophy is creating an epidemic of confused children during their puberty years… with the support from gender clinics around the nation who’s work is as expected focused around gender dysphoria and gender fluidity.
Opponents of the program are supporting the age old teaching that “good character and the art of being a gentlemen…. or a lady” would be far more effective than seeking to deconstruct the differences between the genders.

One further point that highlights “the Good Society” program is that it may have been subliminally “designed” so as to encourage boys to experiment with gender fluidity as part of the so-called “empathy training”… the wearing of women’s shoes and among other things gender ambiguous sex education animated videos that would raise the concerns of many of the children’s parents. Additionally, the Respect Matters program includes an online platform that allows teachers to assign resources for use in their classroom and allow flexibility for teachers to address the specific needs of their students and the school community.

One major speculation is that the Good Society is the Morrison’s Fed Govt reaction as a result of the Respect at Work Sexual Harassment National Inquiry Report (2020) which was commissioned in the wake of the Brittany Higgins rape allegations. Thus under recommendation #10 of the School-based respectful relationships education heading, it states;
“All Australian governments should ensure children and young people receive school-based respectful relationships education that is age appropriate, evidence-based tuition that addresses the drivers of gender-based violence, including sexual harassment”.

In consequence, the Morrison Government’s Respect Matters initiative has spawned “The Good Society” for use in schools on the basis that violence against women is because of gender stereotyping which stipulates that all males act in a certain way and that this program, as designed, will break down the idea of gender norms as a way to prevent violence against women… by emasculating boys and men.

[ Source: Lyle Shelton, Director of Campaigns and Communications for the CDP ]



The Pains of Suicide

The deadliest jobs for Aussie blokes may not seem dangerous to the casual part timer but they are there – those that head up the mining industry are always keen to take on the teens to teach a trade. The defense force at times run adds through tv media looking for those who want a brighter career… although at the moment its female focused.

The lure of a six-figure salary can sometimes override the question to the young applicant as to why the figure is so high, yet there are still some men who desire the positions only to struggle with depression and taking their own lives at a rate Australia appears to be… possibly excepting.
Dare one should suggest that, as one falls, another is ready to unknowingly take his place! Check out the following link on deadliest jobs.

When it comes to country stats on suicide, India holds the lead as the most depressed from around the globe… with China following close by.
In fact India, China and the USA are at the highest levels affected with anxiety, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, according to WHO.Oct 10, 2018
In Australia suicide numbers annually remained quite consistent during 2001-2010… 2001 displaying the highest figure of 2,457 ( of which around 75% were males) and with 2004 coming in as the lowest at 2,098.
Particularly high rates came from Tasmania and the Northern Territory and not forgetting that Rural areas in general across all Aussie states remain a concern. This is in equal concern for the suicide rates for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people – roughly twice that of non-Indigenous Australians. Annual death rates calculate that suicides equates to less than 2% of all deaths in the land down under.

Suicide remains the leading cause of death for all Australians between 15-34 years of age, despite decreases in the suicide rate over the past decade. National Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy (NYSPS), became one of the first nationally coordinated approaches to suicide prevention between 1995 and 1999… later replaced in 2000 by the National Suicide Prevention Strategy (NSPS) expanding its focus on suicide prevention with a consideration of specific at-risk groups. The system was again updated in 2007 with a goal to outline the vision, purpose, principles, action areas and proposed outcomes for suicide prevention in Australia.
In September 2011, the LIFE Framework was adopted in all jurisdictions to tackle suicide prevention, based on the premise formalities:

  • Uiversal interventions to target whole populations, with the aim of reducing risk factors and enhancing protective factors across the entire population.
  • Selective interventions target subgroups whose members are not yet manifesting suicidal behaviours.
  • Interventions designed for people who are identified through screening programs or clinical presentation as at risk.
  • Symptom identification involves knowing and being alert to signs of imminent risk… adverse circumstances with potential tipping points.
  • Finding and accessing early care and support when treatment and specialized care is needed.
  • Standard treatment when specialized care is needed to manage suicidal behaviours and comprehensively treat and manage any underlying conditions.
  • Longer-term treatment and support which entails continuing integrated care to consolidate recovery.
  • Ongoing care and support involving professionals, workplaces, community organisations, friends and family to support people to adapt, cope and build internal strength. Read further on the above regarding male action.


Fathering Programs within DFV

Domestic Family violence (DFV) is presented in a report that covers the approach through Fathering Programs… to quote from the AIFS – Australian institute of family studies:

This paper examines how men’s behaviour change programs, domestic and family violence specific fathering programs, and Aboriginal men’s healing programs address fathering issues for men who use violence. It presents findings from a scoping review of Australian and international literature to highlight similarities, differences and gaps in programs and explores how these programs could be more inclusive of fathering in the context of domestic and family violence.

[ Read further from the image link below: ]

You can read the full AIFS [PDF] document from the image link below.



Project 3801 steam loco

3801 was built by Sydney company The Clyde Engineering Co. Ltd., Granville in 1943 as the first of five streamlined (C) 38-class locomotives for the New South Wales Government Railways’ (NSWGR) top-link express passenger duties.

3801 had been scheduled for withdrawal in 1962 due to deteriorating mechanical condition, but rail enthusiasts raised sufficient funds to cover the cost difference between the overhaul of 3801 and a less worn member of the class. 3801 thus went on to outlive its 4 streamlined sisters in NSWGR service.

After nearly a decade of static display at Thirlmere, 3801 was transferred to the care of the newly-established entity ‘3801 Limited’ under a 20-year lease and received a heavy overhaul by apprentices at the Hunter Valley Training Company, Newcastle.

​The locomotive was withdrawn from heritage service in 2007 as it required major boiler repairs. Deciding for a new boiler (from a German tender) compliance issues with Australian standards encouraged reverting back to repairing the original boiler to ensure it met safety and operational requirements and return the locomotive back to service in the shortest possible time frame.

​Repairs to the original boiler have since been completed by Ainsworths of Goulburn, with the boiler returning to Chullora on 1 July 2019. The boiler has since been reunited with the locomotive and certified on 21 October 2019. The engine was to be officially relaunched on Friday 27 March 2020 at Sydney’s Central Station… this has since been postponed until a suitable later date.

Read further on the details of 3801



Calls 2 Dads during covid

2Calls2Dads launches to help Dads during COVID-19, supported by The Fathering Project.

These are challenging time for families. A check-in from a mate needing just a friendly chat and to share a few worries can make a huge difference. 2Calls2Dads has been initiated by Brisbane Dad Ken Houliston of “The Fathering Project” an Australian charity.

The 2Calls2Dads Challenge is inviting blokes to call (at least) two other dads each week and ask them how they are going during the COVID-19 crisis… to share how they’re progressing, share a few tips and strategies, and generally manage the challenges facing their family issues and activities.

Olympic Gold Medalist Duncan Armstrong started his first call going to Queensland NRL legend Petero Civoniceva. Petero commented that he had mates who were doing it a bit tough through losing their jobs. And now finding it strange being at home… trying to work out the best way to manage their time, support the kids with online schooling, the chores around the home, and simultaneously cope with any loss of job identity.

2Calls2Dads is an initiative of The Fathering Project that hopes the simplicity of a phone call to a couple of mates will become a national movement in supporting dads, which in turn will help the family unit to better interact and help create stability in their communities… all relevant to dealing with the COVID-19 period on the road ahead.

How to get started? Log onto2calls2dads.thefatheringproject.organd follow the challenge details.

Did you know that the Men’s Elective Network [ M.E.N. ] is active on Facebook… with reviews and commentaries as well as anectdotal items of interest – see here: M.E.N. Facebook pageor the M.E.N. Facebook group.



NT suicide prevention

A new suicide prevention program for the Northern Territory is up and running in association with Mates in Construction. IC – Inside Construction, has launched the new venture to work with its work force so that together it can combat the statistics on male suicide rates prevalent in the NT.

Many Employers concede that suicide has become the the leading cause of death for 15 and 44 year old Australian men…. with the NT hitting the highest in the country. Research by MATES in Construction has found the statistics amongst NT construction workers are around 104 per cent higher… demonstrating also that suicide in the NT is impacting the younger age group.

Success is already indicating the program of around 160,000 construction workers are already trained to assist workmates so far… culminating in approximately 8400 mine workers and almost 6000 energy workers to recognize the signs of those who might be struggling with mental health issues and find them help.

You can read further on the article in addition to other related stories:

Those working in the construction industry are considered as a priority group within the NT’s current Suicide Prevention Implementation Plan 2018-2023 and with a proven multi-tiered model it can play a crucial role in the well-being and mental health of the Territory’s workforce.



Mental Health Package

[ Released 30th January 2020 ]

Federal Minister for health, Greg Hunt has announced a joint release with Ms Christine Morgan, National Suicide Prevention Adviser for $64 million for suicide prevention and mental health initiatives.

The Morrison Government is investing in an early response to initial advice from the National Suicide Prevention Adviser to coordinate a national approach to suicide prevention.

3,046 Australians took their own lives in 2018, “this is a national tragedy, lives lost to suicide has a devastating impact on families, friends and our communities…” Mr Greg Hunt, said.

Ms Morgan has presented her initial findings to the Prime Minister after consulting with individuals, families, communities, organisations and governments across the country – to read the report further see here



You are not your thoughts

You are not your pain. You are not your depression or anxiety. You are not your sadness. We all have negative thoughts. We all have sadness and pain, that at times, totally takes over both our minds and our body’s.
Don’t try to push the pain or thoughts away. Sit with the pain and be kind to yourself. Tell your inner self that it’s okay to feel these things. Only then will the pain and feelings leave.
Don’t try to push the pain away with unhealthy things like drugs, alcohol, eating, being busy or excessive exercise. The pain will only get worse if you do this.
Have faith that if you allow yourself to feel the pain and the bad feelings, only then will they leave.
Pain comes in waves. Sometimes these waves can be unexpected and you can be confused and you don’t understand why the pain and bad feelings have come up. Don’t judge them, just allow yourself to feel them.
The quicker you allow yourself the time to process the feelings, the quicker they will leave. Ride the waves. As you get used to doing it, you will realise that the waves of pain/sadness become less frequent and not as strong.
Don’t be afraid.
When they come and you can’t seem to shake them, try to visualise your thoughts washing away and leaving your body.
Stop what you are doing, close your eyes and breathe.
Breathe all the way in and breathe all the way out imagining the thoughts leaving your body.
Remember this will pass. The bad feelings don’t last forever.
Be gentle with yourself and remind yourself of how far you’ve come.
Remind yourself that it’s normal to have negative thoughts and that we are all our own worst critic.
Try to do something small to get out of your own head.
Take a warm shower, make a warm drink, go to gym, call someone to talk. Anything that will ease the noise of your own mind.
Talk to someone or write down your thoughts and feelings. Get them out. Leaving them in, will only make them fester and get worse.
Remember you are not your thoughts. You are loved more than you will ever know and you are not a burden.
People love you and people want you here, no matter what your mind tells you. Sometimes we need to just forget about today and try again tomorrow.

[Source unknown]


Domestic violence ratios

Domestic violence on men too

The outlook for male domestic violence survivors is now opening up programs that are causing shifts from exclusively women-centered to a more rational (ratio?) balance. There is hope as long as men keep “fighting” to be acknowledged as “not the only ones”!

The stats indicate strongly that one in four men experience some form of abuse from a partner in their lifetime…  This is a statistic that more often than not gets ignored by most media platforms because the focus basically has a high tendency to surround women and ignore male domestic abuse survivors, which as we all “know” enforces the stereotype that males only ever perpetrate the abuse. Anecdotally, often male victims of domestic violence are seen as a joke punchline, culminating in the now entrenched idea that “men who have experienced abuse are weak”, which wowfully  enforces the masculinity role rather than moves to empathise with it.

Read further here – or click the image.

[ Source: Good men project – December 20, 2019 ]



Female barber pro men

Trending Article - Darwin Barbershop for men only

 Darwin Star Barber owner Joy Arnott has had an anti-discrimination complaint lodged against her for refusing to do a woman’s hair… she states she is “pro-men, not anti-women”. The dispute had been raised after she told a customer that she only cut men’s hair. “Women do not have the right to take up space everywhere, just because they are women,” Ms Arnott told The NT News.

Her website reads “A place where men can get a great cut and shave, enjoy the conversation, the music and a beverage,”. “men are entitled to have a space that’s designed for them, women don’t have the right to just come in and take up space everywhere because they’re women,” she stated.

Read the full story here.

[ Source – ]



Domesticated men

Men cleaning the home.

Here is a shortlist of six suggestions regarding the basics of keeping the home tidy ( without the perfection!)…

Kitchen Cleaning – Sort the cooking items you use with the ones used occasionally against the ones you never use, wipe regularly all surfaces and don’t forget the floor!…

Dirty Dishes– left dishes makes the job harder, try soaking in water to “prepare” for washing, wash during a cook-up & reuse the same items, try to keep the dishwasher empty!…

Bedding – most recommend changing the bed weekly, turn the mattress monthly (3 months?), be conscious of bed/dust mites (in & under the bed) and  “never” eat in the bed!…

Laundry – Rule #1 – colours V whites, rule #2 “Don’t” forget Rule #1 (at your own peril ), laundry baskets work for most people, even women!…

Floor cleaning –  Buy a “good” mop that is easy to use & clean, A model vac that knows how to suck and easy to clean…

Bathroom & Toilet – you use it, you clean it (its a part of life!), the job is easy the more you do it, especially if the products are kept handy!…



Vic Uni on male privilege

Men should prepare to reconsider the use of “Australian banter” during tutorials because of the risks of excluding students from other cultural backgrounds. “Privileged” male students have been told to be more like women… refraining from dominating, showing off and humouring during classes. A report that had been tabled from sessions with the union’s student council, reveals females and coloured students complained about “gaslighting” ( how victims of domestic violence are manipulated by perpetrators), detailing that white male students talk over them in class, suggesting ” whether they know anything”. As such, workshops were set up with recommendations to Uni staff obliged to adhere to the new guidlines.

The report outlined:
1/ when you want to speak in a tutorial,
2/ why you want to speak,
3/ to self-aggrandise or to contribute.
4/ to advise female students against statements such as “this is probably stupid but …”,
5/ that Women need to stop second-guessing their intelligence,
6/ that men should learn how to speak like women and avoid absolute confidence even if there is doubt…

The workshops were well-attended but the concept has raised concerns over freedom of expression in other Australian educational institutions.

Bella d’Abrera – the Institute of Public Affairs’ director of foundations of Western civilisation, said the workshops perpetuated the “white male privilege myth” of identity politics… that race and gender determine destiny. Additionally “By asking male students to tone down their ‘Australian banter’ and ‘speak like women’ in effect discriminates against men… and that – the workshops are a direct assault on masculinity and are designed to make men feel ashamed of being men.”

The issue comes on the heels of a report that, new WA Uni students were handed a 29-point “male privilege checklist” during an orientation week that detailed perceived male advantages over…
– female career roles,
– apparel expectations,
– family role in child rearing,
– personal safety and sexuality,
with a perceived overall sign that local Uni’s are guided by campuses in the US. As such creating a “snowflake generation” of early adults keen to take offence and “flash-butt” on views that challenge them. This for some highlighting today’s climate of extreme political correctness.

Mr Jeremy Sammut, director for Centre for Independent Studies policy, said that universities should be places that encourage freedom of thought as well as ideas. “Instead students are getting sidetracked from being told to not only watch what they say but how they say it,”. “If these other students can’t handle the exchange of differing views, how will they ever go on to become a CEO or the prime minister of the country?”

[ Direct Source unknown – From an Email article ]


Suicide play for men

Late in 2017 playwright Michael Griffith put together a play about some of the stuff that push men over the edge… initially launched in Melbourne (1-12th Nov 2017), it is hoped later to have the play tour Australia.We are aware of the gravity of Men’s issues.

About Suicide Row
After finding themselves stuck on the way to the after life, four Australian men discover that their individual suicide attempts have miraculously failed. But if this isn’t the end then why are they stuck? The Gods never reply. And as time slows and as hindsight drags in an inescapable tide of regret, these men come to wonder if in order to escape this frustrating nothingness and return home, does life expect them to do something first. If so, what?

The play, aimed at men, both young and older is powerful but not bleak, funny but not black and while it has a clear anti-suicide message, it does not preach.

Any money raised will be spent on the following:
– Paying the actors
– Production team
– Rehearsal room hire
– The set
– Theatre venue hire
– Marketing and promotions

We believe this is a very special and important play and we hope that in this first season it will not only be seen as such, but will attract community interest and further funding to see it tour. Further reading here.



Bob Lewis bike champion

Back in the old days, riding a bike usually meant lumbering along on a machine with no gears, a basket hanging off the front of the handlebars, and a playing card or two taped to the spokes to produce that cool motorcycle effect. Nowadays, there’s a whole new breed of bikes available to suit practically every situation and terrain you’re ever likely want to tackle. You have the choice of touring bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes and specialized track racing bikes – to name just a few of the varieties available. So if you haven’t ventured out for a spin on two wheels since Santa brought you a bike for Christmas, maybe it’s time to give it a go. Cycling is empowering. Pedalling along a country road or along a city bike trail rouses your spirit and awakens your senses. And it’s difficult to hate those thighs as you joyfully roll up the driveway after conquering a challenging ride.You’ll find cycling is as gentle on your body as any physical activity can possibly be. There’s a saying in sports medicine circles: Even if you can’t run, walk, hobble or hop, you can ride a bike. Simply because cycling isn’t a weight-bearing exercise, it’s super easy on your joints – even the troublesome achy ones. It can be a wonderful, pain-free way to exercise and lose that unwanted weight. In fact, you can easily burn around 500 calories on just an hour-long ride! So whether you’re looking to ride for fitness, weight loss, or to simply get away from it all, why not contact a local cycling group and enjoy life on a bike with a bunch of new friends.   

Bob at Wellington – 1968

Bob, Casey Fields trials (Vic)

Having won the Wellington provincial 100 Mile Road Championship in 1976 and selected to represent Wellington for many years at National Championships, Olympic & Commonwealth Games trials, Bob made the move with his family across to Melbourne in 1978 to further both his cycling opportunities and those of his young family who were about to commence their schooling. Now, having won more than sixty Club, State and National Championship medals including seven Australian National Championship Titles over both Road and Criterium disciplines in mature age veteran competition, Bob Lewis still enjoys nothing more than getting out on his bike with his cycling mates. As a member of the Eastern Veteran Cycling Club as well as a founding member of the Warby Ghostriders group who regularly cycle the Warburton Rail Trail and the many fine city trails around Melbourne, Bob is always happy to pass on his cycling knowledge and riding tips to anyone thinking of taking up cycling to improve their health and at the same time enlarge their circle of friends.

Bob won the 2018 Aust Vet national championship.

Warby Ghostriders Group:
Eastern Veteran Cycling Club:
Caulfield Carnegie Cycling:



Wiggles Anthony Field

AS an entertainer Blue Wiggle, Anthony Field, would retire to his dressing room and break down. Overweight, suffering from clinical depression, crippled by pain from infected teeth and swollen joints and deaf in one ear the children’s entertainer suffered in silence for eight years before finally seeking help. In Men’s Health Week the man behind the blue skivvy is appealing to other men who are depressed or in pain to speak up, tell a friend, talk to a doctor or ring a helpline to get assistance.“Ten years ago Murray helped me by saying – are you okay, are you well?” says Field. “The Australian thing is to keep it in, don’t talk about it, she’ll be right mate but that’s not good. “Talking to someone is the first step, talk to your friend, then someone professional.”

Field is promoting health fund Medibank Private’s 24/7 helpline and says the anonymity of a phone call is sometimes a good way for men to take the first step to get help. He says his father kept his health problems from the family. “My father had a stroke, we took him to the doctor and found out he had prostate cancer. We didn’t know about it,” he said. Men don’t talk about their health because they feel ashamed it makes them appear weak, that they are letting the team down, he says. And women can sometimes make it hard for them to speak up. Field’s wife used to joke that he had selective hearing. “Women love to say that,” he says.

It turned out Field did, in fact, have a hearing problem and he now wears a hearing aid. He saw a psychologist, started taking anti-depressants, lost 16 kilograms, had teeth removed and replaced with titanium implants and saw a naturopath. Ten years later he says he’s drug free, eating well, on the right track and in the middle of a punishing concert tour. “I’ve turned 50 and can do handstands and the splits. I’m enjoying it too much to give up,” he says. A Galaxy survey of over a thousand Australians has found only one in four men would tell their partner if they had a cold and only 9 per cent would tell their friends. Conducted for Medibank Private’s 24/7 helpline the survey disproves the myth that men exaggerate the symptoms of the common cold into man flu.

One in two women tell their partners when they are feeling ill and women are 10 per cent more likely to take a day off work if they get a cold, the survey found. More than four in ten men claim they are not badly affected by the sniffles and more than half of them won’t take medicine to relieve the symptoms. Dr Georgia Karabatsos says the common cold and ‘man flu’ are often joked about. “But for some men this can lead to them feeling unable to discuss their health,” she said. ‘It is really important, as a nation, we don’t let the Aussie male stereotype put pressure on the male population to stay silent about ill health or abnormalities.”“The Australian thing is to keep it in, don’t talk about it, she’ll be right mate but that’s not good”.

[ Article from the Daily Telegraph: written by Sue Dunlevy, News Corp Australia Network – ]



Toowoomba porn free rally

Men against Porn - Articles on Men's Health Australia

We decided back in 2016 that we needed to make some kind of stand so it was planned for Oct 11th that we would rally together – excitement was building as more and more men started to arrive from 6.15am on, and they just kept coming and coming. A sausage breakfast was available put on by the ‘Men in the city’ so people gathered around the bar-b-que and talked. There was a lovely family atmosphere from the beginning, and it stayed all through the meeting. It was absolutely amazing!

We were especially excited to see a whole lot of grade 12 School Students there from different schools as well as men of all ages. We were a bit worried when we saw 5 motor bikes arrive, as we had heard rumours that there could be some opposition to the Rally and protesters had said they would come and create a disturbance. Fortunately they turned out to be from the GOD SQUAD, and there was no disturbance at all. One of our younger Pastors was the MC and the Mayor had called the meeting. He is a wonderful Christian man and has supported this move from the very beginning, so he opened the meeting with an excellent talk about the impact Porn has on our city and his desire to see that lessened. He pointed out that it was the first step of a long journey, but he was 100% behind it.

A very courageous woman then spoke about the effect her first partners porn addiction had on their marriage and her personally, and how she had struggled to regain her self-confidence since the breakup of that relationship. She has only just married a beautiful man 2 years ago who respects and supports her, and he had encouraged her to be brave enough to speak about her previous experience in this gathering. A man also spoke openly about his pornography addiction which has started quite innocently by finding a porn magazine on the road. He spoke honestly about the effect it had on his marriage, and his consequent divorce. He had since had counselling and older stable men had been able to “walk beside him” in his recovery, so as he said there is a way out of this addiction.

The former CEO of the Heritage bank has brought together a group of concerned citizens to fight this as well as many other serious issues that are destroying our families to day. They call themselves Toowoomba Together and he was able to bring startling statistics that prove that the main cause of domestic violence is caused by porn addiction. Also that most kids by the age of 11 have viewed porn somewhere as it is so readily available on social media. It was clearly pointed out that there is help for anyone who is struggling with this addiction and the Mayor led the whole group of men in this pledge: “I acknowledge that viewing Pornography promotes exploitation of women and violence against women and it damages family life. I commit that I won’t view porn and I will help to create a city free from porn.

It was not possible to count the men attending the Rally but there would have been at least 200 or more.

Source: Personal account by a person who attended the rally.



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