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Former Ironman Dean Mercer passed away last year, he was only 47. He will be remembered as an “amazing man, dedicated Husband and loving father. He suffered a heart attack while driving on the Gold coast that caused him to drive off the road and into a fence at around 7am on a Monday morning. He was still alive when taken to Hospital but passed away some hours later… further reading here (M.E.N link to the Gaurdian newspaper online)


Cycling for Fun, Fitness, Friendship… by Bob Lewis.
[ Bob Lewis – National Championship Gold- 1995 – in his Blackburn cycling club jersey. ]

Back in the old days, riding a bike usually meant lumbering along on a machine with no gears, a basket hanging off the front of the handlebars, and a playing card or two taped to the spokes to produce that cool motorcycle effect. Nowadays, there’s a whole new breed of bikes available to suit practically every situation and terrain you’re ever likely want to tackle. You have the choice of touring bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes and specialized track racing bikes – to name just a few of the varieties available. So if you haven’t ventured out for a spin on two wheels since Santa brought you a bike for Christmas, maybe it’s time to give it a go.

Cycling is empowering. Pedalling along a country road or along a city bike trail rouses your spirit and awakens your senses. And it’s difficult to hate those thighs as you joyfully roll up the driveway after conquering a challenging ride. You’ll find cycling is as gentle on your body as any physical activity can possibly be. There’s a saying in sports medicine circles: Even if you can’t run, walk, hobble or hop, you can ride a bike. Simply because cycling isn’t a weight-bearing exercise, it’s super easy on your joints – even the troublesome achy ones. It can be a wonderful, pain-free way to exercise and lose that unwanted weight. In fact, you can easily burn around 500 calories on just an hour-long ride!

Bob Lewis (on right) with a few mates on road to Flowerdale, Vic.

Bob Lewis, now in his 72nd year and a racing cyclist of 53 years standing, commenced his competitive cycle racing career in Wellington, NZ, at the age of nineteen. Bob has travelled over 800,000 km since starting his riding… ( circa 2017 ).

Bob Lewis at the Casey Fields trial

Bob Lewis on the Wellington Velodrome – 1968

Now, having won more than sixty Club, State and National Championship medals including seven Australian National Championship Titles over both Road and Criterium disciplines in mature age veteran competition, Bob Lewis still enjoys nothing more than getting out on his bike with his cycling mates. As a member of the Eastern Veteran Cycling Club as well as a founding member of the Warby Ghostriders group who regularly cycle the Warburton Rail Trail and the many fine city trails around Melbourne, Bob is always happy to pass on his cycling knowledge and riding tips to anyone thinking of taking up cycling to improve their health and at the same time enlarge their circle of friends… and more-so Bob is now keeping family ties with his son Owen, who also now is an avid biking Man. So whether you’re looking to ride for fitness, weight loss, or to simply get away from it all, why not contact a local cycling group and enjoy life on a bike with a bunch of new friends.

Warby Ghostriders Group:
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Bob Lewis cycling with his son – now also a keen bike rider.

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