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2020 Men’s Health Awards…

The Australian Men’s Health Forum [ AMHF ] is calling for nominations for this years Awards. Who you think deserves to win an Award for their work with men’s health.

The 2020 National Men’s Health Awards will be announced during Men’s Health Week (Mon 15th – 21st June)

Six categories in this year’s awards have been arranged to seek out the  nominations for each category within each State and Territory. You can read further about the categories and make your suggestion using the link below.

AMHF 2020 Men’s Health Awards



National Advice Hotline – 1800020080

State Links:

STAY SAFE – WA-Govt-coronavirus

Health advice:

For health advice, including on over-the-phone nurse assessment of your symptoms call 13432584 ( 13 HEALTH )
For doctor appointments, medical advice and to get information on testing, including results and testing locations call your local doctor or search online for a GP. Telehealth consultations may be available. Check the “infosearch” column on the mens-health page.

Practical support:

If you need information about the Australian Government’s support for people impacted by COVID-19, including Economic Support Payments and allowances for people who are in self-quarantine and can’t work, visit the Services Australia website or call 132 468.

Mental health support:

For mental health support, call 1800 61 44 34


Men don’t like sitting around all day waiting for pearls of wisdom. We don’t work that way. Our programs are action based where you get to become realistically involved with the issue that you are looking at. No spotlight, just a way for moving with the problem in an experiential way. This has the added value of having more than just your head reach conclusions, your body and heart get to have a say also. Mostly this approach is more engaging and a proven way to help create change. You wont ever be bored doing this work. Humour and sharing is a big part of it also, be prepared for some really out there stuff, movement, companionship, good food, outdoor work and deep realisations.

Men in Bali program:

Since 2001 the Men in Bali programs have provided an outstanding opportunity for men to explore their potential in a unique tropical setting. Over 100 men have participated in the past 28 programs. Limited to just 8 men per program, only in Bali can we give you the luxury of 6 days devoted just to you… Keep an eye out for our next scheduled trip.

A Man’s Journey Retreat offers 7 days and 8 nights in a Balinese village environment, you will join with other like-minded men and together we co-create a sense of male community that will reinforce each man on his journey. You are not alone in your exploration, all men go through stages and phases and that the completion of one stage makes possible movement to the next. We will look at all life stages and ensure that you are familiar with the journey of transformation. We offer a unique opportunity and process that supports, encourages and challenges men to move beyond their sometimes limited concept of what it is to be a fully functional man. This call is not about becoming bigger or better or more important than anyone else, each of us has an essential contribution to make and we can do this by finding new ways to live as rich, empowered and authentic men. We want you to claim abundance and prosperity as part of your journey.

General MENS-WORK Contact: 

Email: [email protected]

Phone: Wes Carter 0893378434

There are a lot of demands made on men these days. So much so, that we forget that we need to find some space to sort things out. Blokes know this but where do you go to figure it out?

Pretty straight forward really. Most men get this way and the answer is to meet and share with other men about what’s going on. This is not in a ‘fix it’ sort of way, but it’s just great to know from other men that they’ve got “stuff” happening too. Common to men in midlife for instance, are issues related to the pressures on their life, and how they cope that often leads to, stress, depression, addiction or compensatory behavior like overwork.

For older men, with their working life over or considering retirement, that ‘what’s next’ feeling can lead to a confusion about how to maintain a personally meaningful life in the future.

When a bloke decides to take a good hard look at these things, and discovers with other men their commonality, it makes a difference. As well as getting a handle on your own stuff, you get to appreciate and support other men. This makes you feel better about yourself and others get to notice that. Especially your family and friends.


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