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2020 Men’s Health Awards…

The Australian Men’s Health Forum [ AMHF ] is calling for nominations for this years Awards. Who you think deserves to win an Award for their work with men’s health.

The 2020 National Men’s Health Awards will be announced during Men’s Health Week (Mon 15th – 21st June)

Six categories in this year’s awards have been arranged to seek out the  nominations for each category within each State and Territory. You can read further about the categories and make your suggestion using the link below.

AMHF 2020 Men’s Health Awards



National Advice Hotline – 1800020080

State Links:

STAY SAFE – Self-assess / Gatherings / Isolation / Self-care / Information /

Health advice:

For health advice, including on over-the-phone nurse assessment of your symptoms call 13432584 ( 13 HEALTH )
For doctor appointments, medical advice and to get information on testing, including results and testing locations call your local doctor or search online for a GP. Telehealth consultations may be available. Check the “infosearch” column on the mens-health page.

Coronavirus respiratory clinics:

Four respiratory clinics in Tasmania for COVID-19 testing. The clinics are located in Hobart, Launceston, Burnie and Latrobe.

These clinics are not open for walk-up testing.

Anyone needs testing – contact the Public Health Hotline on 1800 671 738. Your GP can also refer you for testing if you meet national guidelines.

After being tested, return home to self-isolate until you’ve been told your test result. Results will usually be available within 48 hours.

Those who are in self-isolation after close contact with a case or travelling to Tasmania from interstate or overseas must complete their 14 day isolation, even if they have a negative test result.

Mental health support:

For mental health support, call 1800 61 44 34


Men’s Groups... We are a community organisation based in Tasmania. Formed as an Association in 1999, and run by volunteers, TasMen is self-funded and independent. Our purpose is to strengthen our wider communities by supporting and promoting the mental health and wellbeing of men. We do this by providing safe, non-judgemental places where men can share, learn, be challenged and develop deeper personal understanding, friendships and wider networks. In this work, we also like to partner with other organisations who can support and build on what we do. Check out our ‘Partners’ tab.

TasMen offers a number of events, programs and services. These include; the 8 week ‘Common Ground’ men’s program, our annual ‘Men’s Gathering’ in March, our Open Men’s Groups, our active online support services and our networks within similar Australian mens organisations across Australia. We believe in men supporting men over the long term, in providing and holding a safe space for men to share and witness at a deep level, and to provide men with opportunities to learn, grow and challenge what it really means to be a man in the 21st Century.

TasMen welcomes all men of good intent – we don’t care about your faith, colour, orientation, or background. As an Association we are not aligned to any ideology, creed or political persuasion. Only you will know when the time is right for you, to dig deep, and to explore what it means to really be a man.

Tasmen Admin Office: 0423353752 

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Mission Statement:

Supporting the lives of Men via the Men’s Elective Network with Resource Directories for Help, Fulfillment and Contentment in life.

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