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Covid-19 Update – 5th April 2020

QLD confirmed cases to-date: 907

Deaths: 3…

National Advice Hotline – 1800020080

State Links:

STAY SAFE –   Symptoms  /  Distancing  /  Isolate  /  Self care  / Support  /

Events & Gatherings:

> Stay home unless it is absolutely necessary.

> Work from home if you can.

> Going out for basic exercise, your partner or family.

> Keep a 1.5 metre distance between yourself and others.

> You should also limit the number of guests you have in your home.

Current restrictions:

Cafes, restaurants, food courts and other similar food/drink service businesses ONLY as a takeaway.
Patrons must not consume purchased goods on the premises.
Accommodation may serve food/drinks for a guest in the guest’s room.
Physical distancing measures should be applied.

Real estate – no open house inspections.

Weddings – maximum of 5 people.

Funerals – maximum of 10 people.

Do I need testing?

If you are not displaying symptoms then you don’t need to be tested.

Focus on good hygiene practices to prevent the virus spreading:

> cough or sneeze into your arm
> use a tissue
> bin the tissue
> wash your hands.

Doctors will organise testing if they decide you meet the following:

Health advice:

For health advice, including on over-the-phone nurse assessment of your symptoms call 13432584  ( 13 HEALTH )
For doctor appointments, medical advice and to get information on testing, including results and testing locations call your local doctor or search online for a GP. Telehealth consultations may be available. Check the “infosearch” column  on the mens-health page.

Practical support:

If you are in quarantine and need food or other essential supplies, call the Community Recovery Hotline: 1800 173 349
If you need information about the Australian Government’s support for people impacted by COVID-19, including Economic Support Payments and allowances for people who are in self-quarantine and can’t work, visit the Services Australia website or call 132 468.

Mental health support:

For mental health support, call 1800 61 44 34



Complete Men is a Social Enterprise with a mission to help, to support and inspire men of all ages to reach their full potential – to be fully engaged in their own lives, and in those of their families and communities.
We do this through providing individual support and programs for men to engage in men’s groups and related personal growth activities.

Phone: 075575 3456
Mobile: 0422508533

Complete Men have a range of evidence based programs and workshops for both new and experienced men.

WEEKLY MEN’S GROUP is the ideal way for new men to experience a safe and supportive men’s group.

MEN’S INITIATION is the path to go deeper by attending a weekend workshop and committing to a regular closed men’s group.

GETTING REAL is an experiential workshop held over two weekends offering deep group work and processes.

We also run in-house groups for Mental Health and Social Welfare organisations. Please contact us for details.

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Mission Statement:

Supporting the lives of Men via the Men’s Elective Network with Resource Directories for Help, Fulfillment and Contentment in life.

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