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   A Gesture of recognition – a WA man withdrawals money for a homeless stranger to buy a plane ticket home… see here

Australia’s Kiwi-born television stalwart & satirist John Clarke died last year at the age of 68 after collapsing while hiking in the Grampians National Park in Victoria… John moved to Australia in 1977, first introducing Australians to his character, the Kiwi farmer Fred Dagg before going on to work in other rolls including a combined “Duet” with fellow satirist Brian Dawe in deadpan pillories of bureaucratic life.

 “She’ll be right mate…”


Are the Cards Stacked Against Men? Many in our Communities (including Women) think so: Andrew Bolt interviewed Cassie Jaye the Censored Filmmaker of the movie – the Red pill…

There is a stirring growth around the globe to recognize that not all men are “bad boys”… it appears the stigma has been overemphasized by some feminists – even in Australia, more on the Red Pill saga, watch it here:

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