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[ Special Feature ]

Helping support Australia’s rural communities and Aussie farmers.

What you can do to help our farmers ?


TOMRA is partnered with Buy a Bale of Hay to help raise much-needed funds for feed, water and fuel. NSW recyclers can donate their Return and Earn container deposit refunds at any reverse vending machine, allowing 10-cent refunds on eligible drink containers to be donated to those affected by the drought.

From August, 27 to November 25, Buy a Bale will appear as an official donation partner on all RVM screens to give recyclers another way to contribute their funds directly into the Buy a Bale relief fund.

NSW recyclers can donate their Return and Earn container deposit refunds at any reverse vending machine. But for those residents looking to donate to farmers immediately they can use a special ‘Buy a Bale’ barcode when visiting any of the 270 RVMs across the state.




Join In for Parma for a Farmer

With many farmers suffering through one of the worst Droughts Australia has experienced; Parma for a Farmer is an effort to help raise money for those in the need.

Parma for a farmer is an initiative that sees clubs and hotels donate proceeds from parma sales to help drought stricken farmers.

Parma For A Farmer is an exciting initiative to engage with hotels, clubs, restaurants, eateries across Australia who have agreed to give $1 for every parm sold to our Buy a Bale Campaign.

Register for Parma for a Farmer…

Donate online, at
Start your own fundraising campaign to cover a truck load
Order our truck poster and stickers (like the one below) for your workplace
Order a donation barrel
For $500 your company can part sponsor a truck load
Share our story and facebook page with friends and family
Schools – hold a Gold Coin day for farmers, how many bales your school can buy?
Or this Christmas your company could give a Hay Load as a Corporate Christmas gift. $2750 will see a load acknowledged and wrapped and a certificate presented as thanks, $5500 will see banners on the truck at delivery time and farmers in front of your hay truck in a photo of thanks.




National Men’s Health Gathering incorporating the 9th National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Male Health ConventionMonday, 12th November to Wednesday, 14th November, 2018… at the Novotel Sydney Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia.

2018 AMHF Men’s Health Awards Open:

The 2018 AMHF Men’s Health Awards will be presented at National Men’s Health Gathering Dinner
on Tuesday 13 November 2018 at the Novotel Parramatta, NSW. These prestigious Awards will
honour those who have made an outstanding contribution to the men’s health field.
The awards categories are:
Significant contribution made by an individual to improve men’s health and wellbeing
Significant contribution made by a group or organisation to improve men’s health and wellbeing
Significant contribution made by an individual to improve Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander male health and wellbeing
Significant contribution made by a group or organisation to improve Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander male health and wellbeing
Significant contribution to improving the health and wellbeing of young men and boys
Significant contribution to designing, developing or delivering malefriendly services.
Nomination Information is on the website. Nominations close on Monday 1st October 2018.

International Men’s Day…  19th-Nov-2018

[ Positive Male role Models ]



EVENTS | Clubs | Groups

Regular Club Events:

Men’s Shed …/… Modellers Clubs

Classic Car Clubs …/… Motor Sports Clubs …/… Model Car Clubs

Aviation History …/… Miniature Aero Clubs …/… Model Aero Clubs

Maritime Lighthouses …/… Maritime Museums …/… Model Ship Clubs

Animal Protection …/… Farm Institute …/… Land Conservation

Tourist Railways …/… Miniature Railways …/… Model Railways

Australian Groups Listings & Reviews: includes associated links to Directories…

Mensshed.locator/mens-shed Australia

Australian Men’s Shed Association…
The Shed Locator will provide you with the location, address and contact details for all registered members of the Australian Men’s Shed Association. For Men’s Sheds located in rural and remote areas, it is advised that you undertake a 100-200km search due to the size of the postcode geographic area…

Search Clubs/Australian modeller

A Society of affiliated groups modellers of all ages, sharing a common interest in all types of modelling… includes a variation of vehicles and figures from all time periods. Aussie Modellers International provides modellers with monthly meetings which are conducted in a friendly fashion providing a casual atmosphere where members can meet with like minded individuals, of all skill levels, who are dedicated to their hobby.

[ Search Automobiles ]

List/Vintage-Classic Car Clubs

Shannons Club:
Get Connected Now & Share Your Passion. Share photos and videos of your current and past cars and bikes. Find enthusiasts and Car Clubs that share your passion. Get all the latest automotive news, events and offers.

Car Club Search Page/CAMS

Confederation of Australian Sport:
Motor sport is far more diverse that you ever imagined, with over 530 CAMS affiliated motor sport clubs across the country organizing around 2,000 events each year. Many of these events are designed to give you a cost-effective way to get started. For example, popular club events such as motorkhana and sprints are designed for standard, unmodified road cars. In fact there are many types of motor sport where you can take part without any special preparation or training, and at an affordable cost. Most of these motor sport ‘disciplines’ are available through local motor sport clubs. One you have joined your local club you could apply for a competition licence and get stuck in to the many club, state and national championships events.
You can find your local club using the CAMS club finder on site.

All.States list/Model Car Clubs

The Association of Australian Radio Controlled Model Cars Clubs:
AARCMCC, was founded to establish a national body to organise the sport of radio controlled car racing within Australia. AARCMCC is composed entirely of affiliated member clubs from all over Australia. we have an international affiliation with the regional RC car racing body, called the Far East Model Car Association (FEMCA). FEMCA is one of four blocs that comprise the Internatioanl Federation of Model Automobile Racing (IFMAR). AARCMCC is recognised as the Australian national organistaion for radio controlled model car racing within Australia.


[ Search Aviation ]

Aviation Historical Society Australia/AHSA

Aviation Historical Society of Australia:
Australia’s preeminent organisation dedicated to researching, recording and sharing our rich aviation heritage. The Aviation Historical Society of Australia Inc (AHSA) was formed in Melbourne in 1959, making the AHSA, Australia’s longest established aviation history society. Today, the AHSA has members in all states of Australia, and around the world, including New Zealand, the USA and the UK.
The AHSA is a not for profit organisation.We welcome anyone interested in Australian aviation history to join the AHSA. By joining, you’ll enjoy our quarterly journal ‘Aviation Heritage’, dedicated to uniquely Australian aviation topics, and rarely covered elsewhere, in depth and with accuracy and often for the first time. Most articles are written by our members, and all members are invited to submit articles and photographs for inclusion in Aviation Heritage.You’ll also receive our newsletter that keeps members up to date on research projects, AHSA events and requests for information by other members.

Miniature Aerosports Clubs/Links

So, you want to fly miniature aircraft… either pre-built, or want to assemble your own? RTF stands for Ready To Fly and includes everything including controller and battery, while ARF is Almost Ready to Fly, which assembly and the purchase of all necessary electronics (servos, ESC, receiver, battery, etc.) separately. PNF stands for Plug-n-Fly, often requiring you to buy your own battery, receiver, and transmitter separately. Do you want electric or glow (gas)? If you want to build the entire plane yourself, kits are also available. More info is on our website…

Model Aeronautical Association of Australia/MAAA

Model Aeronautical Association of Australia:
Join the MAAA to become part of one powerful voice. With more than 300 clubs and thousands of members, we rely on your flying experience to help us innovate, lead and protect the future of our sport. See how the MAAA supports your club through turbulence. Want to take part in an exciting and evolving sport the whole family can enjoy? Our clubs provide a fun, safe place to fly. Find out more about the MAAA on the website.


[ Search Maritime]

Search/Lighthouse Groups

The Australian Lighthouse Association (ALA) was founded in 1980 and functioned as a lobby group, campaigning for the future of lighthouses. New technology threatened the continued provision of visual navaids, and the de-manning of the Australian lighthouses appeared inevitable. The ALA mounted a vigorous campaign to highlight the importance of the lights to fishermen and recreational sailors, and draw attention to the dangers of neglect and vandalism to these priceless heritage assets.
Lobbying by the ALA led to the establishment of a Commonwealth Parliamentary Committee that produced a report “Who will keep the Keepers“, which recommended an orderly process for the removal of traditional keepers from our lights as they were automated, and measures to ensure that vulnerable locations be not left un-manned. Sadly, the ALA fought a losing battle to keep the keepers on the lights.

Maritime museums List/Australia

The Australian National Maritime Museum and the Australian Maritime Museums Council (AMMC) we have a number of activities throughout the year including invites to the AMMC Membership to develop and submit content for consideration as part of the upcoming graphic panel displays. Stories of Australia’s shipwrecks. The ANMM and AMMC are offering a series of nationwide workshops to support the development of this display. Click here to find out more about this exciting project and register for a FREE workshop near you.
The Australian Maritime Museums Council (AMMC) is a network of common maritime heritage interests providing a forum to discuss ideas, exchange information, build contacts, and advocacy to preserve Australia’s maritime heritage. The Australian Maritime Museums Council will provide leadership in maritime heritage advocacy, support, and dissemination of related information.

All States/Model ships/clubs

The Ship Modelling Society have club connections throughout Australia… of which the Victoria Incorporated club is an affiliate, established in Melbourne in 1938 to encourage, and to provide facilities for, the furtherance of the art of ship modelling. We are primarily an association of people with an interest in ship modeling, in all its forms (plastic, wood, card, period or modern ships, and remote control). However, anyone with an interest in maritime art, photography or literature is welcome.
The Society provides an opportunity for members to mix and converse with those of a like mind and fosters the exchange of ideas, research and experience. We have an extensive library of books and plans that are available for the exclusive use of members. Our newsletter, “Slipway”, is promulgated quarterly and contains news and articles of interest to members. Visitors are always welcome.

[ Search Nature ]

Search-Groups/Animals Aust

We are Australia’s leading animal protection organisation. Our investigations and campaigns are recognized the world over. We unite millions of people who believe in a world where animals are free from cruelty. Animals Australia is Australia’s foremost national animal protection organisation, representing some 40 member groups and over 1.5 million individual supporters. Animals Australia, along with our global arm, Animals International, has an unprecedented track record in investigating and exposing animal cruelty and for conducting world-first strategic public awareness campaigns.
Animals Australia’s vision is a world where all animals are treated with compassion and respect and are free from cruelty. We believe that we can create a kinder world for all by fostering respect for animals and that our treatment of animals reflects who we are as individuals and as a society…

Australian Farm Institute/AFI/Topics

Agriculture in Australia is a vital component of the national economy, but faces growing challenges on a broad range of fronts as the population becomes highly urbanized and remote from the realities of farm business. Children growing up in Australia’s major cities and regional centers are probably more likely to have travelled overseas, than they are to have spent time on an Australian farm.
As a result, it is not surprising that as adults their positions on major national policy debates often give scant recognition to the needs of the farm sector. In order to ensure the needs of agriculture are well understood and appropriately considered in policy decisions made by governments, it is becoming increasingly important for farmers to adopt a strategic approach, and to establish policy agendas, rather than just respond to them.
The Australian Farm Institute has been created to carry out this strategic role on behalf of Australian farmers. The Institute’s founders recognized that in order to successfully develop and promote policies that will benefit farmers, it is essential that those policies are soundly based, and are supported by rigorous and objective research. An information brochure about the Australian Farm Institute is available for download here.

Australian Land Conservation/Australia

In 2011, seven conservation organizations comprising the Nature Conservation Trust of New South Wales, The Nature Conservancy – Australia Program, Queensland Trust for Nature, Nature Foundation SA, Tasmanian Land Conservancy, Trust for Nature (Victoria) and the National Trust of Australia (WA), established the Australian Land Conservation Alliance (ALCA). Together ALCA’s members represent private landholders already responsible for protecting over 200,000 hectares across Australia.
Recognizing that private land conservation efforts in Australia appear fragmented across states and lack synergy, a key driver behind ALCA’s formation was to bring together key participants in private land conservation in order to develop a consistency of approach, and promote, explain and execute conservation programs on private lands. In its role as a national voice for private land conservation, ALCA’s mission is to ensure that private land conservation makes the greatest possible contribution to the achievement of national and state level conservation goals.

[ Search Railways ]

All states/Australian Tourist Railways

Railway Historical Preamble:
Australia’s First “Public Railway” – On 7 September 1851 a public meeting called for a railway linking Melbourne to Sandridge, now Port Melbourne, which led to the establishment on 20 January 1853 of the privately-owned Melbourne and Hobson’s Bay Railway Company. On 8 February 1853 the Government also approved the establishment of the Geelong and Melbourne Railway Company and the Melbourne, Mount Alexander and Murray River Railway Company. Work began in March 1853 on the Sandridge line, stretching 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) from the Melbourne (or City) terminus (on the site of modern-day Flinders Street Station) to Sandridge and began operation on the 12th September 1854.
The first railway in New South Wales opened in 1855 between Sydney and Parramatta, a distance of 14 miles (22.5km). It was built to standard gauge (1435mm), as were most subsequent railways in New South Wales. However, because of the nature of Australia at that time, with isolated communities along the coast seeing little need of communication between them, standardization throughout the nation was not seen as essential and a variety of gauges sprang up elsewhere. 3ft 6in (1067mm) was quite commonly used, while the state of Victoria opted for a gauge of 5ft 3in (1600mm). When the famous Transcontinental Railway first opened in 1917, no fewer than 8 changes of gauge were required for a journey from Brisbane to Perth.
Most modern development has been to standard gauge, and many of the older lines have been re-gauged to this. A noteworthy opening of the 21st century is the Ghan line connecting Adelaide and Darwin. This is essentially an entirely new line, although much of its southern section follows the route of a former 3ft 6in (1067mm) gauge line which ran as far as Alice Springs in the very heart of the country. Passenger trains first reached Darwin from the south in 2004…

All states list/Miniature Railways

Clubs and Societies Listings: Australian and New Zealand – as listed with the Australian Model Engineering Magazine Website – contact them above.
| ACT | NSW | QLD | VIC | WA | SA | TAS | NZ-North | NZ-South |
The listing is alphabetical per State & Territory (Australia) and Island (NZ) and Club Name, in that order. The list is updated regularly in good faith and anomalies will arise… Club Secretaries, please check your club’s entry for accuracy and inform AME if necessary. The list is mostly sourced from information supplied in club newsletters, except in instances where we are contacted directly. Many newsletters do not contain such basic information as public running days, hence the entries marked “unknown”.
Some clubs are listed as “No public running”, however, most clubs value other visiting model engineers. Protocol is to contact the club first before you visit. Members of clubs with AALS insurance are reminded that they should inform their home club of their intention to visit other clubs. Additional links to further your interest to other Groups can be made here –

All states Contacts/Model Railways

NATIONAL ASSOCIATIONS – Listed on the website are the Model Railway clubs active in Australia. Intending new members should contact the club secretary or designated contact member for further details. Clubs seeking listing within the website page should send relevant details to ‘Club Listing’, SCR Publications, PO Box 345, Matraville 2036 or email [email protected] – submissions must be made by an official of the club. To ensure details are current, listings will only be accepted between August 1 and the deadline of October 30 of each year.

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