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– Literature:

Latest Emale magazine – #172 (July-August)


An add from the 1950’s…
“One of the best ways Men get to know each other… Lionel Trains”:



Award Reviews

During Men’s Health Week, AMHF Awards announced the winners of the 2019 Men’s Health Awards. Nominations were received across Australia and shortlisted according to the key criteria – most impactful male-friendly service to improve the lives of men and boys. Winners listed below, were decided by a combination of an AMHF panel and a public vote… [ Images are linked ].

NSW award – Mr Perfect.

ACT Award – Men’s Health Down under.

QLD Award – Trademutt

SA Award – Rotary Men’s Well-ness campaign.

TAS Award – Tasmen (Men with a heart exhibition)

VIC Award – Halt (Hope Assistance Local Tradies)

WA Award – the Fathering Project.


 – Special Features:

Famous Aussie Blokes:

The very mention of an Australian bloke might bring to your mind the image of a beer guzzling, tanned, fun loving lounger on the picturesque beaches. From the past many decades Australians, especially men, have had to live with this dumb stereotype that projects them to the world as carefree beach mongers. Ever thought about what Australia would actually be like if Australians actually fit the stereotype? Australia is one of the wealthiest nations of the world boasting a high standard of living unmatched by many other countries. This would not have been possible without the relentless hard word, ingenuity, and dedicated men who gave their all to build such a wonderful nation of Famous Australian men.


Famous Aussie male athletes: 

Australia has a rich history of competing in sports for well over a century, famous males that make the competition so exciting and enjoyable to watch. Some of the best Australian male athletes in the world of whom have represented Australia in the Olympics are included in the listing. Follow the link to read up on the names of these talented male athletes of Australia in order to get more information about each one such as their birthday & birthplace… Aussie Aussie Aussie – Oi Oi Oi.


 – Men’s Health Facts & Figures…

Australian Bureau of Statistics:

Around 1.5 million Australian men aged 18 years and over (17 per cent) had a self-reported mental or behavioural condition in 2014-15, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). Dr. Paul Jelfs, ABS General Manager of Population and Social Statistics, said that the most common mental or behavioural conditions for Australian men were anxiety-related conditions and depression, with the same proportion of men reporting either of these conditions (both 10 per cent). “It’s important to get more men talking about how they’re feeling, with suicide being the leading cause of death for men aged 15 to 44 years in 2015,” said Dr Jelfs. “As physical health, financial and family stressors can all impact men’s mental health, it is important to stay in contact with people who are going through a stressful time.”

In 2014, 60 per cent of men experienced personal stressors that had affected them, their family, or a close friend. Around 21 per cent of men had experienced a serious illness, 19 per cent reported a death of a family member or close friend, 17 per cent were unable to get a job, and 11 per cent experienced a divorce or separation. “Looking at overall life satisfaction we see that it varies across different groups of men,” said Dr Jelfs. “For example, average life satisfaction is relatively high for men who have children living with them (with an average rating of 7.6 out of 10) but lower for men with a self-reported mental health condition (6.4), unemployed men (7.0) and single fathers (7.0).”


Guidelines for Male Suicide prevention – AIMHS:

There are a number of other “red flags” in which males are most vulnerable and at risk of suicide; research and programs should ideally target the following:

Unemployed males
• Experiencing separation
• Rural and remote areas
• Social disconnecting
• Drinking too much alcohol and/or substance abuse
• Experiencing depression, anxiety, or mental disorder
• Powerlessness… work, home, social environment
• Self-harm or previous suicide attempts
• Younger indigenous male heritage
• Male homosexuals, bisexual or trans-sexual
• Inappropriate or unprofessional support


Know your Man-facts campaign:

Here is a rundown of the points presented on MEN at the Australian Men’s Health Forum Website;

3 out of 4 suicides are men…

60% of smoking related diseases
Waist circumference over 94cm
Kids eat what their Dad’s eat…
9 of 10 young men never smoked
Good mates lead to healthier lives
1 out of 10 blokes is a carer
Prostate cancer kills…
1 in 3 men – family violence victims
Talk to a mate… BEFORE it too late.
Healthy Men support other men
Dad’s are best at helping Dad’s
Abused males have barriers, listen
Men die 6 years younger than women
Sexually abused men can recover
YOU and YOUR well-being…
1 in 5 have erectile dysfunction
1 in 7 blokes have prostate problems
Now no fingers for Prostate check
1 in 4 male suicides = separation…
50% of separated Dad’s suicidal…
Men chat to men, NOT professionals
YOU and MATES… “MAN” time games
Indigenous men – 10 years shorter life
2 in 3 PREVENTABLE deaths are men…
Don’t ignore the strains & pains
OK to chin wag about the small stuff
talk the walk & walk the talk


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